Comic Book Preview: Indoctrination #1

How do you kill an idea?

Across the dusty plains of America’s southwest, a deadly storm is brewing. A string of murders portend the sinister designs of an infamous terrorist to bring about the end times. Two FBI agents have heeded the signs, and only their rogue actions—aided by a potentially untrustworthy expatriate with deep ties to the terrorist—can push this darkness back.

Indoctrination explores America’s terrifying underbelly—of death cults and sleeper cells, serial killers and apocalyptic nightmares. Mixing elements of True Detective with Seven, this new series from Michael Moreci (Roche Limit, Burning Fields) and newcomer Matt Battaglia captures the definition of fear in the 21st century.

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Indoctrination #1
Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Matt Battaglia
Published by Z2 Comics
Release Date: June 22, 2016
Price: $3.99





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