The current market has two giants, the XBox One and the PS4 with the WiiU seen as a minor player in the market, due to both its sales numbers, and it’s minor impact in the market. Now, it looks like that Nintendo is ready to fight for it’s market share by releasing a new console. Before we look at the NX, let’s first look at what created the current conditions in which Nintendo feels the need to release a new console.


In the current state of the market it feels like a fight between two consoles with the easy champion as of today being the Playstation 4 with 35 million units sold and followed by the XBox One with an estimated 20 million sold around 20 million units (This is only an estimate since Microsoft has been tight lipped on it’s own sales numbers). Rounding up the list, is the WiiU with only 10 million units sold, even with the release of titles that are household names such as Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Brothers. Compare that to the Wii, which sold an estimated 100 million units, the Wii U hasn’t done well. With the WiiU only selling tenth of what it’s predecessor had, Nintendo feels that a new console is needed to not only save, but expand market share in the industry and this is where the NX comes into play.

Nintendo has made it clear they are that the company is departing from the Wii, and WiiU models of consoles and attempt to chart new territory with something different. Because of this, Nintendo has chosen to be quite tight lipped about what players can expect from the NX. There are rumors running around how it will be more powerful than both the PS4 and XBox One, to other rumors claiming that the new Nintendo system will bridge the console and mobile gaming worlds. Most experts expect that Nintendo will release details at E3 this year, with an expected release date some time in 2017.


As someone who started his gaming journey first with Nintendo systems, I have a lot of hope with the new NX. Nintendo is a company that has shown over the years that they aren’t afraid of taking not only chances but also willing to try new things, fanboys like myself hope that this time they finally hit a bullseye with the NX. We’ll keep you updated as more information is released!