“Dead No More” Arrives in Amazing Spider-Man #19

Dan Slott and Jim Cheung combine to plung Spider-Man into his biggest challenge yet this Fall. Peter Parker will face off against a gauntet of his greatest foes, a mysterious new villain, and the return of loved ones lost in the “Dead No More” story arc.

A mysterious man in a red suit offers Spider-Man’s foes an offer they won’t resist. He offers to bring back their loved ones in return for their obedience. However, if they fail him, their loved ones will be lost forever. Rhino, the Lizard, Electro, and Doctor Octopus join forces with this mysterious new foe to challenge Spider-Man. But who else from Peter’s past will reappear?

“Dead No More” begins on Free Comic Book Day, May 7th, with a prologue story from Dan Slott and Javier Garron. This will be followed up by the main story arc this fall in Amazing Spider-Man #19. The main cover is courtesy of Alex Ross. There will also be connecting variants by Alexander Lozano.

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