Cullen Bunn & Sergio Dávila Take on ‘Conan the Slayer’

Cullen Bunn and artist Sergio Dávila will team-up for the new Dark Horse Comics series, Conan the Slayer.

Conan will find himself on the run in this new series. He will be alone, battle weary, and nothing to his name but his sword. Conan of Cimmeria will seemingly face his inevitable death in the arid waste as he flees a band of Turanian hunters. However, he stumbles into a camp of Kozaki raiders, but will the Kozaki chief be a new ally or put a knife at his throat?

Conan the Slayer is promised to be a perfect jumping-on point for new readers with an action-packed adventure heavily rooted in Robert E. Howard’s original tales for devoted fans.

Conan the Slayer #1 hits comic book shelves on July 13th with covers from Lee Bermejo and Mark Schultz.

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