As the drums of war beat, Peter Parker finds himself caught between two friends. With the battle lines drawn which side will the wallcrawler choose?

Writer Christos Gage talked with about the upcoming series, “Spidey’s role in this Civil War is different than the last. This time, before he chooses a side, he’s determined to really check things out and make an informed decision. Which should be a good thing – right?”

Spider-Man will investigate the new Inhuman, Ulysses, who has the ability to predict the future. He will also bear witness to other heroes of the Marvel Universe struggling to grapple with their feelings about Ulysses existence. One thing is certain, Ulysses bears a tremendous amount of responsibility to use his powers safely, something the Amazing Spider-Man knows a thing or two about. Powers and Responsibility.

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As Peter’s investigation uncovers more about Ulysses and his powers will he choose with Iron Man or ultimately stand with Captain Marvel? Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Christos Gage and Travel Foreman swings onto comic book shelves on June 8th. The first issue will feature covers by Khary Randolph (APR160876), Greg Land (APR160877), Phil Noto (APR160878), and John Tyler Christopher (APR160879). The final order cutoff is May 16th.

Cover by Khary Randolph

Cover by Khary Randolph

Character Variant by Phil Noto

Character Variant by Phil Noto



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