Tales From The Darkside was first created by George A. Romero. The television show offered a grim but compelling anthology-style series. Joe Hill’s Tales From The Darkside scripts were originally planned as a reboot for the famed television series. Unfortunately they never made it to broadcast television. But when one door closes another opens.

Hill is taking his never-broadcast scripts and teaming with Charles Paul Wilson, the artist responsible for the nightmare vision in Wraith to showcase Hill’s vision Tales From The Darkside.

When I was offered a chance to reinvent Tales from the Darkside, I leapt,” said Hill. “This was a landmark show for my generation: our Twilight Zone, our Outer Limits. Right away, I wanted to do something that honored the spirit of the original Darkside… and at the same time I wanted to go bigger, to do something fresh, something with scope. In the end I wrote three scripts and sketched a vision for a whole Darkside universe. I envisioned a series of individual horror stories that would, ultimately, turn out to be connected by a single mythology. I really wanted to do something with the scale of Locke & Key. TV is tough and in the end we didn’t quite make it to the little screen. But it’s a delight and a thrill to share the scripts alongside Charles Paul Wilson’s beautifully sick illustrations. Here’s the show that could’ve been, now playing in your imagination.”

“Working with Joe and Charles is always a pleasure. I mean, what we create is terrifying—why else would you pair the two together—but the results are never short of exemplary,” said project editor Justin Eisinger. “And this exploration of an alternate TFTD television universe that could have been… well, if you’re a fan of horror anthologies this is one you do not want to miss.”

While Hill’s scripts for the unaired reboot of the series will debut in the comic series of the same name beginning this June, this new scriptbook offers more raw Hill and a unique glimpse into the creative process and a look at what could have been.

Tales From the Darkside: Scripts by Joe Hill will hit shelves this October.