The tale first glimpsed in last summer’s Book of Death: The Fall of Ninjak will burst into its very own story arc in Ninjak #18 this August.

Writer Matt Kindt will team with artists Khari Evans and Andres Guinaldo to deploy a seasoned Colin King into an unknown tomorrow. While Ninjak may not be as fast or as strong as he once was, but his steel is as sharp as ever. Oh, he will also be fighting alongside Earth’s immortal master of war, The Eternal War.

The world’s deadliest intelligence operative may have aged and the constant warfare has taken its toll on him, but he still spends his waning days as one of humanity’s guardians protecting it from myriad threats that loom over the horizon of Earth’s future. Probably, the biggest question explored in this series will be how Ninjak and The Eternal actually reunited to become the most feared force against evil after their definitive schism in Book of Death.

Much like other Ninjak stories, this one too will be split in half, taking us back to the present where Ninjak and his fellow MI-6 agents have been infected by an aggressive and lethal cancer after their exposure in the Deadside, a noxious parallel dimension. In order to combat this disease, Ninjak must look inward and enter a deep meditative state which opens his mind to futuristic visions “The Fist & The Steel” and the clues that could save his cancer-ridden body.

Check out these gorgeous covers by Diego Latorre, Ryan Bodenheim, Stephen Segovia, and an interlocking variant by Adam Gorham:

Ninjak #18

Cover A by Diego Latorre

Ninjak #18

Cover B by Ryan Bodenhei

Ninjak #18

Cover C by Stephen Segovia

Ninjak #18

Interlocking Variant by Adam Gorham

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