Marguerite Bennett is teaming up with artist Rafael de Latore and colorist Rob Schwager to launch a brand new series Animosity from Aftershock Comics.

The story has a bit of an Animorphs twist. except humans aren’t becoming animals. Instead animals are waking up. They are thinking. They are talking. And they are taking revenge.

But not all the animals are on board. A dog and his girl are attempting to escape New York City and flee across the country to San Francisco where the only person who may be able to protect and save his girl just happens to be.

Animosity will take us on a new kind of road trip, a new kind of coming-of-age, and a new kind of black comedy.

The first issue (JUN161065) goes on sale August 3rd. It will feature a cover from Rafael de Latore as well as a 1/10 incentive cover by Kelsey Shannon. The final order cutoff is July 1st.

Animosity #1

Cover by Rafael de Latore

Animosity #1

Variant Cover by Kelsey Shannon

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