Paul Cornell Returns to ‘Doctor Who’

Fan-favorite Doctor Who scribe Paul Cornell will be returning to write an all new Third Doctor series this August.

The series stars The Third Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee alongside companions Jo Grant (Katy Manning) and the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney).

Cornell will team up with artist Christopher Jones to bring unexpected twists and turns to the lives of the Third Doctor and his companions in this five issues series, “The Heralds of Destruction.” Rodney Ramos will provide inks and Rodrigo Fernandes will be on colors.

The first issue debuts on August 31st and joins Titan Comics other Doctor Who series featuring the Fourth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors. It will feature five variant covers. Three of those covers will be done by artists Josh Burns, Simon Myers, and Paul McCaffrey. The other two include a photo cover and a blank sketch cover.

Actor Jon Pertwee starred as the Third Doctor in 128 episodes from 1970 to 1974. He portrayed the Doctor as a suave, dapper, and technologically oriented man of action, who spent his tie stranded on Earth working with the international military group UNIT.

The Doctor, his companion Jo Grant, and the forces of UNIT under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart jump into action when something enormous and extraterrestrial crashes into Bedfordshire. The team finds themselves in the middle of a pitched battle against a terrifying invader. But the shocking face that awaits their return to base may tip their whole world off its axis.

Get a look at what you can expect this August:

  Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1

Cover A by Josh Burns

  Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1

Cover B Photo Variant

  Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1

Cover C by Paul McCaffrey

  Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1

Cover D by Simon Myers

  Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1

Cover E Blank Sketch Variant

  Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1

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