Comic Book Review: Corktown #1

Peeking into the economic uncertainty of our times Corktown gives us a wonderful background to begin its story. The story revolves around a deceased Detroit detective, Torrie. Torrie spends her undeath trying to stop the vampires that took her life, left her soul in limbo, and are murdering innocent people across Detroit.

Artist Scott Ewen does a wonderful job bringing to life a world that feels cold and bleak, filled with the unknown. The human characters feel alive and evoke classic horror films;. it felt like I was watching a classic black and white. With the vampires, they come across as both real and terrifying. When you’re walking down the street you might think twice about handing over your pocket change. Which for me was a major plus.


The vampires seemed realistic, and something you could expect to see if you find yourself walking around in a dimly lit street. The ghosts on the other hand seem more in line with cartoons that you would see on TV however, they do have a twinge of realism as well. s for the living, they look like a mix of both the vampires and ghosts; it’s a happy medium. They also feel like they’re out a classic horror movie, which was really cool.

Mario Candelaria’s writing brings the reader into an all too familiar world, but with a twist of the supernatural. You aren’t being given more information then you need in this issue, but you’re given enough to want to continue the story and find out what is happening in Motor City. The dialogue in Corktown matched well with the supernatural horror genre the story is set in. The character interactions feel natural, which for me is important, because if they aren’t the reader can lose their immersion in the story. Lastly the language used by each character as they interacted in the story felt on point. The police spoke like police, and the average joe in Detroit spoke like you would expect.


The Verdict

Being a fan of both Sci Fi and Horror reading Corktown #1 was pretty fun. It’s an interesting modern vampire story, that had me hooked. It’s easy to get into, and it’s just as easy to be sitting there wondering all the hows and whys with what’s going on. If you enjoy comics dealing with the supernatural, then I suggest you give Corktown #1 a read.

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