Lion Forge comics is delving into the horror genre with Cullen Bunn’s Night Trap.

Night Trap feels like an instantly familiar slasher movie at first. It has a terrifying backwoods villain who can’t be stop, not even by the FBI swat team that is hot on his trail. There’s also your gang of beautiful coeds up for a weekend of good fun, but heading straight for their bloody doom instead. And plenty of scares!

There is also a huge twist, one of the coeds has her own killer instinct. Things get crazy as more and more bad guys appear and the only thing you know for certain is that the body count will continue to rise; you just don’t know whether they will be victims or the killers.

It is chock full of terror, violence, and trauma. It’s perfect for the monster kids and the horror die-hards who have been waiting for a good slasher comic.

Night Trap #1 hits comic book shelves on June 1, 2016. It is illustrated by JB Bastos.