Are you a fan of crazy theories? Have you binged on the X-Files, Fringe, and other Sci Fi classics while on Netflix? If so then Cryptocracy #1 is a good fit for your tastes. This story has a blend of wild conspiracies, fantasy, and of course, action. The world as seen in Cryptocracy #1 is divided and ruled by nine families. Each have their own sphere of influence on earth, and they all work to guide the progress of the human race. As you start the comic, you’re brought into a world that is both unreal, and unconformably real at the same time. And, when you finish this issue, you are left wondering, who is really pulling the strings?

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B01GF1MZNM” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Cryptocracy #1[/easyazon_link] is written by Van Jensen and here, he brings us a conspiracy driven story that is full of fun, mystery and action. Jensen creates a fantastic and terrifying world for the reader. As you go through each panel, you dive deeper into a world where all of those crazy internet theories come to life. He expertly blends a number of different aspects from many conspiracies together and he does it without making the story itself feel bloated.

As the story goes along, it becomes even more fantastic, but it then is complemented with another mythos that Jensen borrows from the back of many minds, which as you read the comic, they only add to the layers of the story. The main protagonist Grahame, feels like that person we all know who is always in control. When you’re planning your move on the chessboard, he’s already planned eight moves ahead of you, he’s also always cool as a cucumber. For some folks these types of sci fi rich stories aren’t for everyone, but Cryptocracy puts an interesting twist on them. Which I believe is enough to bring in even those who aren’t normally into that genre of entertainment.

Cryptocracy #1

Artist Pete Woods brings to life a world that is visually exciting. The details of each character are pretty strong, as well as pretty fun to just look at. As events unfold, Woods artistic talents come out in full force to give the reader an environment to fully appreciate the story by Van Jensen. Woods also does a great job at bridging together the different mythos’ used throughout the issue, without overdoing it on each panel.

Woods sets the visual tone for the story with bright and sharp colors that catches the eyes of the reader. The coloring also creates a pace for the story that keeps the reader going from panel to panel. Woods uses contrast as a means to convey emotion between characters, as well as the environment itself as you go through each page. And finally, Woods’ talent and experience splash on the page for the reader to enjoy. The partnership between Jensen and Woods creates a fun and well done comic.

Cryptocracy #1

The Verdict

Cryptocracy #1 is a pretty fun read especially if you’re a fan of Sci Fi, and conspiracies. You’re transferred right into a world full of action, mystery, and most of all excellent art thanks to Pete Woods. Jenson’s writing is strong, and pretty fast paced.. Though I feel that this might not be for everyone, I believe most comic book readers will enjoy this issue, and even some others might develop an appreciation for the Sci Fi world.

Comic Book Review: Cryptocracy #1
  • Well done writing, with a sound story
  • The art throughout the comic is fun, and catches the eye
  • Conspiracy theories come to life, need I say more?
  • You are thrown right into the story, with little build up and background
8Overall Score
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