Civil War II: Ulysses #1 Debuts as Marvel Infinite Comic

Writer Al Ewing and artists Karl Kesel and Jefte Paolo harness the power of the Infinite Comics format to bring us a prequel comic for Marvel’s Civil War II.

In Civil War II: Ulysses #1 will we find out how Ulysses came to join the Inhumans. We will witness his journey as he learns the truth of his terrifying and awesome new power to profile the future. He will attempt to master his new abilities atop the Tower of Wisdom with the aid of Karnak. And he will queston what he should do about hiw own powers. However, will Karnak’s straining methods prove to be too much for Ulysses?

Civil War II: Ulysses #1 will arrive optimized for digital devices on the Marvel Infinite Comics platforms. It will join X-Men ’92, Deadpool & Cable: Split Second, and more.

Take a look at what you can expect:

Civil War II: Ulysses #1

Civil War II: Ulysses #1

It is available today!

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