Comic Book Review: Invincible #129

For my money Invincible is the best superhero comic being published today. From issue one to now the comic has been well written and interesting to read. This could be because the characters are original, and don’t have 75-years of baggage weighing them down.

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Mark Grayson is the main character and also the civilian name of Invincible, a Superman-esque analogue. Written by the beloved Robert Kirkman, Invincible has always remained a compelling comic to read because it expertly balances family drama with action.

Right now the comic book is going through a more dramatic period; less focused on action and more focused on Mark and his relationship with Eve and their daughter.

In the past several issues, Mark has been trying to pick up the pieces of his life after a five-year absence. Eve and him are attempting to rekindle a romance they once had. He is also trying to build a relationship with their five-year-old, Terra,as well as trying out a more domestic role free of superheroics.

However, in the background of the story his old nemesis, Thragg, has been amassing an army of half viltrumite/half insect alien offsprings. Presumably, Thragg and his army will eventually fight against Invincible and his friends.

In Invincible #129 we finally get a family reunion with Mark’s mother and father. Mark and Eve have been having difficulty contacting his parents after Mark’s return. When they finally meet back up Nolan Grayson aka Omni-Man tells Mark that he was at the time engaged in a battle to save the planet. He had teamed up with Mark and Eve’s on again off again friend/sometimes villain Robot to help save the planet.

It is these small moments of family bonding and character development that make this comic so great. Like any good soap opera though the comic also builds upon past relationships and offers a jaw-dropping ending involving Anissa, one of Omni-Man’s viltrumite soldiers.

In this issue series co-creator Cory Walker takes over art duties once again. The series for much of its existence has been drawn by regular Ryan Ottley with Walker filling in from time to time. At times this seemed a bit jarring. Ottley who despite having not created the characters has drawn more total issues. However, like a fine wine Walker’s art continues to improve with age. It is most evident in this issue and the past few that he has drawn. Although, Invincible #129 is not an action packed summer blockbuster, Walker manages to make the more dramatic moments of this comic interesting to look at.

My only complaint with this comic, which really isn’t a complaint, is that there aren’t more pages to read in each issue. The writing and art are always so good that I am always left wishing there was more.

The Verdict

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01G69F40Y” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Invincible #129[/easyazon_link] is a great issue that continues to focus on Mark and Eve’s relationship as they try to pick up where they left off as a couple five-years-ago. Although this issue isn’t specifically action-oriented it helps to build upon the various characters and their relationship. It also introduces a new potential problem for both Mark and Eve to deal with in future issues.

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