“Snot and Fluff – a Space Adventure” Hits the App Store Near You!

“Snot and Fluff – a Space Adventure” is another story book created with great care by OhNoo Studio. The fairy tale entertains, educates, and allows its users to entirely penetrate the wonderfully created cosmic world. It is an amusing but instructive story about friendship, courage, and helping others. You can experience an unforgettable adventure to remote galaxies, full of colorful planets, inhabited by various monsters and strange animals.

The main heroes of the story are Snot and Fluff. Snot is a traveler and an adventurous globetrotter. Fluff is his opposite – a homebody who loves baking new and new cookies. One day, Snot, who is bored with everyday life, starts a cosmic journey and forgets about his friend for a while. Longing and lonely Fluff builds a rocket and sets off to look for Snot.

Snot & Fluff

In order to engage kids even more, the authors hid gold stars on the pages of the story. Firstly, the child listens to the story read by a professional narrator and then tries to find four stars hidden on each interactive page. The stars are necessary to unlock a secret page that finishes the story. The task is not as easy as it seems to be, because some stars have been cleverly hidden and every nook and cranny will have to searched through many times.

All 44 pages are full of details and were manually illustrated by a recognized illustrator Agata Karelus. Moreover, the fairy contains more than 45 minutes of professional orchestral soundtrack, more than 900 funny sounds and 20 minutes of dialogues recorded by professional actors in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Chinese).

Snot & Fluff

The user-friendly interface and hundreds of places that a child can tap with a finger facilitate the entertainment and encourage to experiments. The combination of all these characteristics constitutes an extraordinary mix that will guarantee a great time to children and their parents. Moreover, through games, the application teaches about important values, such as friendship, cooperation, courage and above all helping others.

You can find two versions of the program in the AppStore – full version costs less than 3 dollars/euro and free Lite version limited to several initial pages.
The most important features: 44 interactive pages with manually drawn illustrations, and 45 minutes of professional soundtrack and 900 funny sounds.

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