The unthinkable has happened. Civil War II has claimed the death of one of the original Avengers. Bruce Banner, the Hulk, lays dead.

His death leaves a void in the super hero community. That void will be explored in two one-shots, The Fallen #1 and The Accused #1.

Marc Guggenheim, Ramon Bachs, and Garry Brown will team up for The Accused #1. They will dive into the trial of the Hulk’s killer, Hawkeye with a groundbreaking investigation by Matt Murdock, Daredevil. As Daredevil dives into the case, he uncovers a number of secrets…ones that he won’t like. Has he bitten off more than he can chew? Will he be able to provide a fair trial? These answers won’t come easy.

In the second one-shot, Greg Pak teams up with Mark Bagley in The Fallen #1. They will weave a story about the reactions of Bruce’s friends and enemies as they gather to mourn his passing. Amadeus Cho, Rick Jones, Betty ROss, Thunderbolt Ross, the Warbound, and more will show up. Will they be able to keep level heads or will some of them get angry? Pak and Bagley will also explore the secrets that lie in the Last Will Testament of Bruce Banner.

The Hulk is dead. Will his legacy live on?

The Fallen #1 (JUN160752) with a cover by Leinil Yu and variants by Mike Del Mundo (JUN160755), Jack Kirby (JUN160753) , and Leinil Yu (JUN160754) hits comic book shelves on August 17th. The final order cutoff is July 25th.

The Accused #1 will hit shelves a week earlier on August 10th. It will feature a cover by David Mack (JUN160756) with variants by Fiona Staples (JUN160759) and Ron Lim (JUN160757). The final order cutoff is July 18th.

Take a look at some of the covers:

The Accused #1

Cover by David Mack

The Accused #1

Variant over by Fiona Staples

The Fallen #1

Cover by Leinil Yu

The Fallen #1

Variant Cover by Mike Del Mundo

The Fallen #1

Variant Cover by Jack Kirby

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