Kulipari Jumps Off Netflix Into Your Comic Books This August!

Have you been watching the Netflix original series Kulipari? If so you are in for a treat!

Creator Trevor Pryce is teaming up with Joshua Starnes and Sonia Liao to bring the series into comic book format with Kulipari: Heritage. This new comic book series will pick up on the continuity of the Netflix show exactly where the first season ends.

Burnu, leader of the poison frogs, the protectors of the outback has been sent on a secret mission to find the original source of the frog’s power and return it to their new homeland!

The series hits comic book stores everywhere next week on August 3rd. Look for it in your local comic shop! It will be a four issue mini-series.

But before you head to the store be sure to check out these gorgeous covers for the new series!

Kulipari: Heritage #1

Kulipari: Heritage #2

Kulipari: Heritage #3

Kulipari: Heritage #4

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