Everyday it seems, when you turn on the news something in the world has happened. Some sort of tragedy, attack, or action by some waring party seems to be capturing the imagination of the American people. We have seen this play out again, and again in every election since 2004. For good and bad, it has shaped our policy moving forward. In Indoctrination #3 you will see that things are heating up. Just like what we are seeing in the world around us, everything seems to be speeding up. From the upcoming election, to events in the Middle East and Asia, the world is starting to become a hotbed of activity. And just like any build up, the stakes only get raised.

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Writer Michael Moreci and artist Matt Battaglia continue trailblazing a story in [easyazon_link identifier=”B01LBGFNGW” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Indoctrination #3[/easyazon_link] that keeps you at the edge of your seat. As we left off in the previous issue, the web of plans only become slightly clearer, but not long after they become murkier again. This was the part of the issue I found fun, it was like opening a present of knowledge, just to find out more is waiting for you. It will keep you waiting and guessing for the next issue.

Indoctrination #3

As you read on, the drumbeat of war is playing heavily in the background of this issue as our protagonists struggle to put the pieces together of a mystery that in itself can bring the entire planet into another world war. Michael Moreci does a great job of continuing to allow the readers to peek inside the minds of some of the main characters, you don’t get a lot of information, but it’s clear that the past is a ghost that whispers in their ears. You get to see the effects of traumatic experience differ between each character. Not many people can pull off both complex and rich story development, and have complex characters, but Moreci does both very well. My favorite part of this issue was the first page, you literally walk into a nightmare scenario, which makes you question. How normal are the people around you? Finally, the end, was just amazing, now as a reader I’m left waiting and wondering, which to me is one of the best parts of reading a story.

Indoctrination #3

Artist Matt Battaglia continues to create a world in which terror lives in the most unlikely places. The realism he continues to use works well for a story that honestly is as close to home for many of us as you can get in a comic book. The panels are both smooth and dynamic. As you read it’s easy for your eyes to glide from one to another. The haze I mentioned in the previous issue is still here, but plays a much more minor role in this issue.

The name of the game this time around isn’t confusion, but the fact that everyone and everything is hiding something. To bring this to life in art isn’t easy, but Battaglia is able to do this in a way where words in the story are only enhanced by the arts.Your imagination just wants to lift off with the story. One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is in my previous reviews of Indoctrination , is how well Matt Battaglia brings Texas to life. As someone who’s lived in the Lone Star State for over two decades he does one hell of a job doing the environment of the state justice.

Indoctrination #3

The Verdict

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01LBGFNGW” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Indoctrination #3[/easyazon_link] now has you in the midst of some really hard questions. First, what has our country done over the course of the last few decades? Are our policies contributing to the instability around the world? And finally are we destined to watch this continue? Michael Moreci and Matt Battaglia are able to gracefully place these questions all over Indoctrination. Moreci’s writing is not only entertaining, but allows you to almost become apart of the story as you end up asking yourself these very questions. The art by Matt Battaglia is top notch, and better yet, changes with the way the story goes along. Though as I said earlier there is a haze, the role of it in this issue has lessened, and the art followed suit with that change. Indoctrination #3 is perfect.

Comic Book Review: Indoctrination #3
  • Moreci subtly peppers questions throughout this issue that, after a re-read are as clear as day
  • The art used for the environment is both well done, and researched
  • Panels are easy to read and you glide through with little interruption
  • None
10Overall Score
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