Comic Book Review: Ness #1

The Loch Ness Monster has been an icon for people all around the world, for many years. From the famous Surgeon’s photo, to stories that go back all the way to the seventh century A.D. The Loch Ness Monster has had quite a history of stirring the imagination of countless people. This brings us to Ness #1. What was classical folklore of Scotland, now has now become a comic full of mystery, intrigue, and murder.

Chris Welsh spearheads the writing for Ness #1. As you begin the story, you’re immediately introduced into an area that is crawling with secrets. A mystery man, book, and ritual all combine for a mystery right from the get go. While reading Ness #1 I noticed a nice nod towards the idea of cryptozoology to explain creatures not yet discovered by modern man. Though it’s implied they are supernatural in origin, this allows your imagination to run as you read this story. It rolls together quite nicely with how the characters are introduced, and developed. However, there could have been more development for each of the main protagonists in this issue. Despite, the underdevelopment of the characters Ness #1 does have a very quick pace.

Ness #1

From the dialogue, to the story, nothing felt slow, or slumped. Welsh does a good job of tying in elements of the legend, as well as other urban legends found in other small communities around the world. This tie in itself was a nice surprise, and one of the best elements of the whole issue.

Artist Robert Carey brings the entire story to life with his ability to both apply strong detail to the environment, and create strange creatures to populate it. The panels are very easy to follow as you read the story. Colorist Dee Cunniffe applies subdued colors all over the place. With this light coloring, the reader isn’t left with an overly bright comic, that is suppose to dive into the dark and monstrous. Both Rob Carley and Dee Cunniffe create the perfect environment to bring Chris Welsh’s story to life. All three elements combine together to give you a fun and intriguing story.

Ness #1

The Verdict

Ness #1 is perfect for readers who love reading about cryptozoology and Scottish folklore. Chris Welsh pens a well thought out story for the reader, that both pulls from ancient folklore, while pulling from modern cabin in the woods tropes we see in modern horror movies. Rob Carley, brings to life the story with his art, and Dee Cunniffe is able to enrich the comic with the right amount of color and brightness.

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