Developer AbsolutSoft released update 0.9.451 today for its military-themed First Person Shooter, Hired Ops, which is currently available in Steam’s Early Access program.

The update includes a new map, named “Evacuation.” Situated in the Ural mountains, “Evacuation” is available for Deathmatch and Team Elimination modes and sets players up for intense and dynamic firefights in close- and medium-ranges combat in the remnants of an abandoned Emercom base. “Evacuation”, well known among Contract Wars players, is sure to be popular with players who favor head-on assault tactics and fierce face-to-face encounters.


As part of this update, AbsolutSoft is making multiple gameplay improvements and introducing a test version of the Competitive matches and Ranking system.

Now, when selecting a map, players will decide if they want to participate in a ranked or training match. In training matches, players are free to try new weapon or tactics without risking rank or equipment. In the ranked matches, however, players are risking their overall ranking, which may go up or down based on the player’s performance.

Update 0.9.451 features:
New Map: Evacuation, available in Deathmatch and Team Elimination modes
Fixes to matchmaking
Fixed Hold-to-Aim issues
New Competitive Matches and Ranking System
Training Mode: Updated so that you do not earn/lose anything

Hired Ops is a session-based online shooter dedicated to fierce conflicts between rival mercenary groups battling on a global scale from Russian developer AbsolutSoft. Using the latest weapons and special equipment, players take part in armed encounters, unite into private military companies, carry out contracts, build bases, and aggressively compete with each other – all for the sake of domination in the world mercenary market.

Players are free to choose from any of the five different fighter classes, each featuring an elaborately crafted skill system and an arsenal rich in weapon variety and weapon modifications. Hired Ops includes a diverse mix of game modes, including the “Enhanced Realism” mode.