Joe Haldeman’s multi award-winning novel, The Forever War will be getting a comic adaptation from Titan Comics with artwork by Marvano.

The Forever War has dominated the award’s circuit winning the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, Local Award, and the World Fantasy Award. It’s even won praise from horror mastermind Stephen King, “If there was a Fort Knox for science-fiction writers, we’d have to lock Joe Haldenman up.”

Forever War explores one soldier’s experienecaught in up the brutal machinery of a war that reaches across the stars.

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Forever War #1 will feature covers by Marvano, Steve Kurth, Marc Laming. Nick Percival, and Adam Gorham.

Take a look at the covers:

Forever War #1

Cover A by Marvano

Forever War #1

Cover B by Steve Kurth

Forever War #1

Cover C by Marc Laming

Forever War #1

Cover D by Nick Percival

Forever War #1

Cover E by Adam Gorham

Forever War #1 will hit comic book shelves everywhere on February 15th.

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