The wait is over, the new set of Overwatch Funkco Pop!s will hit stores this April!

The list of characters includes McCree, Mei, Lucio, Pharah, Symmetra, Reinhardt, and D. Va’s Meka.

Along with these characters there will also be exclusive variants that will be available at different retailers. Some of those retailers include Gamestop, Best Buy, Think Geek, Hot Topic, and Blizzard Gear. Gamestop will have Summer Games Mcree. Best Buy will feature Reinhart without his helmet. Think Geek will have a Posh Tracer. Hot Topic will have Mei mid-Blizzard. And finally Blizzard gear will have exclusives figurines of Carbon Fiber D.Va and Titanium Pharah.

Check out what they all look like below!

Are you ready to expand your Pop figure collection?

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