March is nearly upon us and the Madness has infected us. We couldn’t resist setting up The Ultimate Tournament Bracket: Heroes vs. Villains. We took some of the top dogs from both Marvel and DC and pitted them against each other to see who will come out victorious.

In the first region will see a number of DC heroes duking it out amongst themselves. Then in the second region the Marvel heroes will see who is worthy to combat their counterparts from DC Comics.

In the third and fourth regions, we get DC villains and Marvel villains respectively. The two will wage a deadly campaign of conquest to see who will claim the prize of challenging the ultimate hero.

Will the heroes or the villains win?

You can vote however you want. Whether it’s based on which character is your favorite or which one will devastate their foe. This is a no holds knock ’em out contest to see who will become the ultimate victor in our Ultimate Tournament: Heroes vs. Villains!

Round 1 has begun! Cast your votes now!

Share with your friends and family and let them see who they will choose to become the Supreme Victor!