Dark Horse is bringing on Alex de Campi and ChrisCross for their new creator-owned project, Bankshot. They will be joined by Snakebite who will provide colors.

Bankshot tells the story of Marcus King. To some he is an enigmatic billionaire and modern day Robin Hood. To others he’s a terrorist and a deserter. But the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Marcus takes a contract with the Russian government to seize control of an old KGB laboratory in Ukraine. While on this task, Marcus comes face to face with a specter from his past who knows all of Marcus’ carefully-buried truths. Everything will be on the line, and he must become the man he was pretending to be. And he needs to punch a buttload of dudes and blow up a bunch of stuff!

“I’ve wanted for a while now to write a really no-holds-barred action story, and to be able to work on it with ChrisCross (along with Snakebite making it all explode into living color) is a dream come true,” explains writer Alex de Campi. “We’re having so much fun with this book, dropping our characters into impossibly dangerous situations and having them blast their way out again.”

“I was in another massive project when Alex approached me with Bankshot. When I read the first script I was hooked,” says artist ChrisCross. “I was always a fan of the anime Spriggan, and in being a part of this project, I realized I could be unleashed on this project just like Ryouji Minagawa did on that manga. Once the other project evaporated, I wasted no time getting this book ready to go. Everyone will love Marcus and co. It’ll boom like a lit cigarette in a leaky gas station!”

Bankshot hits comic book shelves on June 28th!

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