Take A Look At These Gorgeous ‘Seven To Eternity’ Covers From Noto and Albuquerque!

Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opeña kick off the second story of their bestselling series, Seven To Eternity, with a flashy silver foil Seven To Eternity logo on the cover. Along with the Silver Foil cover, there will also be variant covers by Phil Noto and Rafael Albuquerque.

Seven To Eternity follows the story of Adam Osidis, a dying knight from a disgraced family. His family had been hiding from the God of Whisperers and refused to hear his offer – for everyone who does falls under his sway.

But the God of Whispers was determined to bring the Osidis Clan to heel and sent his son, the Piper, to deal with them. Adam’s father was slain in the ensuing battle. Following the death of his father, Adam disregarded his dying wishes and went to hear an offer from the God of Whispers. However, before he could give his answer a group of empowered magic knights, Mosaks, each with their own unique abilities, attacked the God of Whispers and subdued him. Now, Adam is left with the choice to aid this band of empowered magic knights to rid the world of the God of Whispers, or accept the God’s offer to attain his heart’s desire.

Seven To Eternity #5 will see Adam and the Mosaks continue their dangerous journey arriving at a crossroads. They will be forced to make tough choices that will echo throughout the lands of Zhal for all eternity.

Take a look at these absolutely stunning covers:

Seven To Eternity #5

Cover A by Jerome Opeña and Matt Hollingsworth

Seven To Eternity #5

Cover B by Phil Noto

Seven To Eternity #5

Cover C by Rafael Albuquerque

Seven To Eternity #5

Cover D Silver Foil Cover by Jerome Opeña and Matt Hollingsworth

Seven To Eternity #5 hits comic book shelves on April 12!

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