Will.I.Am and The Black Eyed Peas will team up with Marvel Comics and artist Damion Scott to bring to life a brand new graphic novel, Masters of the Sun – The Zombie Chronicles.

Masters of the Sun – The Zombie Chronicles will mix LA Gang culture, B-Boy-ism, and Egyptology to tell a retro futuristic zombie thriller, mixed with action, suspense, and horror unlike anything seen before.

That’s definitely nothing I’ve ever heard before. Do retro and futuristic even go together? What does that mean?

Ok. Here’s a little bit more about the story.

Los Angeles is under attack from an ancient alien God sent to Earth to turn its inhabitants into zombies. Standing against this ancient alien God and his nefarious ancient order is Zulu-X and his Hip-Hop loving crew. They will have to deploy ancient wisdom and street smarts in order to combat this nigh unstoppable foe.

“The Black Eyed Peas and I have begun a new journey,” said will.i.am. “We’ve been working on this original story for years and partnering with Marvel to bring this book to life is more than a dream come true.”

“Few artists have done more to embed Hip-Hop in popular culture than will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas,” said Marvel Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso. “So we are thrilled to present this deeply personal story that speaks directly to Hip-Hop aficionados, comic book fans and the intersection of those communities.”

Marvel boasts Masters of the Sun – The Zombie Chronicles will have one of the most eclectic cast of characters that will deliver a powerful social allegory in the form of a new movement.

The graphic novel will be 120 pages long and comes with a Parental Advisory warning. It will hit comic book shelves sometime this July.