Today at Awesome Con, Legendary Comics announced a brand new series, Cursed, from Arrow actors John Barrowman, his writing partner and sister Carole Barrowman, and graphic novelist television writer Erika Lewis.

Cursed aims to see Celtic lore collide with a modern day anti-hero, Charlie Stewart.

It’s the night before his 40th birthday and his life is just grand. He’s got a big house, a fast car, a beautiful family, and he’s a high powered lawyer. However, he falls victim to an ancient Celtic curse and sees his life begin to spiral out of control. Every decision he makes and every choice he makes leads to ruin.

In seeking out why, his life is such a disaster, Charlie uncovers the tale of his ancestor Bonnie Prince Charlie who struck a deal with the Celtic God of War, Bregon, to steal three magical talismans from Bregon’s sisters. But the sisters were not going to let Bonnie Prince Charlie go unscathed. They cursed Bonnie Prince Charlie and his entire bloodline.

Now Charlie must battle across the world and open up realms of time and mystery that no mortal should ever see in order to settle the centuries-long curse and restore his family.

“We’ve always wanted to write a story that pulls together our love of history, our Scottish heritage, and our love of sci-fi and the supernatural. Mix these all together and Cursed was born,” said John Barrowman.

Carole Barrowman added: “The three of us have been Cursed for a while… and loving every minute of it. We’ve had a great time playing with all the ways we can bring poor Charlie to his knees, and, of course, John and I love any project that brings our Scottish heritage to the page.”

“Told through the eyes of a deeply flawed character, this epic journey combines Celtic mythology, real history in a modern day setting–my favorite things!” said Erika Lewis.

Legendary Comics is excited to bring this brand new story to fans everywhere. VP/Editorial Director at Legendary Comics Robert Napton expressed his excitement, ““With Cursed we jumped at the chance to work with this team on a great story that puts a unique twist on Celtic mythology — brought to life with John’s wicked sense of humor.” He continued, “I think our readers will really respond to this new series and we can’t wait to share more.”

The art team will be announced in the future.

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