Scott Snyder Reveals American Vampire Will Return In 2018 at Awesome Con 2017!

In a Q&A session at Awesome Con 2017 on Saturday, Scott Snyder was asked a question about his first project at Vertigo Comics, American Vampire.

In answering the question, Snyder immediately revealed the series he worked on with Rafael Albuquerque will return in 2018 for at least three different story arcs.

Snyder noted, “American Vampire by the way we are going to come back to it in 2018. I don’t even know if I am allowed to say this.”

He continued, “We are definitely coming back to finish the next two arcs and finish off the cycle then we are actually going to change the format and do a series in the present…that’s so spoily.”

Snyder also added that Warner Bros. is “retooling Vertigo to make something kind of bold and different with it right now and I’m really excited about it so they want American Vampire to be part of that launch.”

Snyder also teased where the current arc will be heading as he recalled a conversation he had with horror novelist Stephen King.

“He taught me a lot. Right now you want him to be like the Joker where he is all bad, but he’s gotta have a kernel of good. The arc of the entire story is probably his redemption. And I was like is it? And I thought about it and it is really true. That’s kind where the series is headed even though he is still really dark towards the end.”

Snyder also expressed why he loves returning to American Vampire, “I love going back to that one almost more than any because it is so mine. Because it so immersive. I can go anywhere in American history, folklore, monster, horror, anything. It’s almost like the widest, kind of beautiful sandbox to play in.”


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