The long wait for Young Justice is finally over! DC announced it will be returning to the animated series with a new series, Young Justice: Outsiders.

Along with the reveal of the new series, they also gave us a look at a number of new characters as well as some old favorites that will be making up the team.

Young Justice Outsiders

Starting from the left the show sees the return of Static, Kid Flash, Robin, and Wonder Girl. New comer Spoiler is then pictured in her iconic purple outfit. Next to Spoiler, Blue Beetle returns to the team. Then a character created specifically for the show, Thirteen, is shown. To the right of Thirteen another newcomer to the team Arrowette stands ready. Then Arsenal and Beast Boy round out the team.

Let’s break it down a little more if that was confusing.

Returning Members

  • Static
  • Kid Flash
  • Robin
  • Wonder Girl
  • Blue Beetle
  • Arsenal
  • Beast Boy

New Members

  • Spoiler
  • Thirteen
  • Arrowette

Who’s Missing

  • Aqualad
  • Superboy
  • Miss Martian
  • Artemis

It’s quite possible these old favorites may make an appearance on the show, but at this point DC is being mum.

Aqualad voice actor Khary Payton did express wanting to return to voice Aqualad.

This new Young Justice: Outsiders series will debut on DC’s upcoming streaming service in 2018.

The show will be executive produced by Sam Register. Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman will produce alongside Warner Bros. Animation. They will be joined by Emmy Award winner Phil Bourassa who will serve as the art director.

Sam Register previously worked on “Teen Titans Go!” and “Justice League Action.” Brandon Vietti’s resume includes “Batman: Under the Red Hood” and “Superman Doomsday.” While Greg Weisman brings his expertise from “Star Wars Rebels” and “Gargoyles.” Phil Bourassa returns from the original “Young Justice” series as well as bringing his experience from “Justice League Dark” and “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.”

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