Marvel Reveals ‘Captain Marvel’ 90s Setting As Well As Villains At San Diego Comic Con!

The Marvel panel at this year’s San Diego Comic just released some interesting information about the upcoming Captain Marvel feature.

Like DC’s Wonder Woman film, the Captain Marvel movie will be set in the past, but in Marvel’s case, the past isn’t so far back, only twenty years. She will be introduced in the era of boy bands, alternative rock, and sitcoms. Yes, Captain Marvel will be set in the 1990s. This may seem like an odd venture for Marvel who has so far done good work in maintaining continuity with their universe.

Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

This pivot comes with rumors stating that Captain Marvel will make her debut in the upcoming Infinity Wars film, though nothing has been confirmed from Marvel’s end. The choice of eras seems out of place because by watching the MCU, as well as their somewhat connected television shows on ABC and Netflix, you’re given a sense that the appearance of super human beings is relatively new for the general population albeit Captain America was active during World War II and Ant-Man showcased adventures during the Cold War.

So, what is going to happen in the 90s, and how will people not talk about it, or remark about it? It’s possible as we saw in Ant-Man that actions done by people with powers or technology can be hidden away from the public view. It’s an explanation that can only be used so much, and that to me seems like a cheap ploy.

One possibility could be that this will be an origin story and Captain Marvel will not yet have her superpowers, but she will acquire them during the movie then flee Earth at the end. And to that point Marvel boss Kevin Feige did reveal the film’s villains will be The Skrulls and that a two-eyed Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson will play a role in the film.

The Skrulls debuted in Fantastic Four #2 and are a race of shape-changing aliens who constantly war with the Kree, the group of aliens who gave Carol Danvers her superpowers in the comics.

It’s possible The Skrulls are disguising themselves as humans on Earth and Captain Marvel and Nick Fury are trying to hunt them down.

A lot of this just is speculation as of right now, Marvel is working tirelessly to keep information out of reach until they are ready to release it. Though with the expansion of space with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, there is a lot of room for Captain Marvel to hide, or even be brought in. All this falls into a movie which will  be Marvel’s very first female super hero lead on the big screen.

All eyes will be on Captain Marvel when Brie Larson makes her debut on March 8, 2019.

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