Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Thomas Wayne As Batman For Flashpoint Movie!

Warner Bros. surprised everyone when they announced the title of their upcoming Flash movie starrring Ezra Miller would be Flashpoint.

The surprise came because Flashpoint is a 2011 comic book story by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert which sees Barry Allen as the Flash travel back in time to prevent his mother’s death. But in doing so, he creates an alternate timeline where he doesn’t have any powers and the world is on the brink of total destruction as Aquaman’s Atlantis wars with Wonder Woman’s Themyscira.

As soon as Warner Bros. made the announcement about Flashpoint, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Thomas Wayne) took to Twitter to tease a photo of him and his Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan (Martha Kent) together.

But Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t stop there. He then went to Instagram and shared concept art of Thomas Wayne and Martha Kent from Flashpoint.

You might be thinking? What in the world is Martha Kent doing looking like the Joker? In the original Flashpoint comic, Bruce Wayne is gunned down in Crime Alley. The shocking murder of their son drives both Thomas and Martha to polar opposite extremes.

Thomas dons the cowl of Batman, but he is nowhere near as reserved as Bruce. Instead he takes after 30s pulp character The Shadow. He wields two pistols and is not afraid to implement brutal tactics to take down his enemies.

While Thomas becomes a brutally effective Batman, Martha Kent sees her mind completely broken and twisted with the loss of her son. It becomes so broken and twisted that she becomes the Joker of the Flashpoint timeline going so far as to capture Harvey Dent and hold him hostage in her funhouse with her sidekick Yo-Yo.

Hopefully, this isn’t just Jeffrey Dean Morgan trying to tell Warner Bros. he wants Thomas Wayne and Martha Kent to play a prominent role in Flashpoint. Let’s hope he’s doing a soft confirmation that both Thomas Wayne and Martha Kent will make an appearance in the upcoming Flashpoint movie!

What do you think? Do you want to see Thomas Wayne and Martha Kent in the Flashpoint movie?

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