22 Things You Didn’t Notice In The JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer!

9. Steppenwolf creates a similar symbol to the Apokolips Symbol from Bruce’s “Knightmare” sequence

We see him striking the ground with such a force it spreads a fiery energy that burns a symbol into the Earth. The symbol itself looks more complex than the Apokolips symbol from BvS, but this may be a different use of the same power. Most believe it to be a welcome mat for things to come.

10. Alfred mentions “The Penguin”

By referencing some penguin toys Batman encountered from a past crime, Alfred confirms The Penguin’s existence in the DCEU. Considering recent rumors regarding his being in “The Batman”, as well as the casting of Josh Gadd, this may be a sign Oswald Cobblepot is marching his way to the big screen.


11. Batman has a Large Military Transport Aircraft/Carrier

The Batmobile comes shooting out of a downed plane, likely one of Bruce’s infinite arsenal of bat-vehicles/gadgets.

12. Cyborg has the hacking ability we know and love

Utilized in both recent Justice League animated films as well as the Teen Titans series, his power to hack anything computerized was always a wonder to behold and a very useful tool. It’s encouraging to see it front and center as he assumes control of a Bat-vehicle of his own.

13. Aquaman is attacked in Atlantis

We see him dodge a thrown axe in his native home of Atlantis. This means that Apokolips and Steppenwolf have plans for and prior knowledge of Atlantis. This attack could also be what inspires Aquaman to officially join the team.

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