14. The London Bridge has an S to honor Superman

Despite the villain Doomsday being designed to fight Batman and Superman and not for world domination, many remember Superman’s sacrifice and see it as something to honor. To have a monument featured so prominently shows that the world is no longer suspicious of the Man of Steel, but is instead grieving over the loss of a hero.


15. An “Age of Heroes” is referenced

This could be anything from a throwaway comment meant to describe a time when our League were more courageous than they currently are, or it could be a confirmation that superheroes, be they super-powered or not, may have already existed in this universe. In some Universes the Earth 2 Justice League were actually a team themselves 50-60 years ago. The Flash and the Green Lantern are the only 2 Justice League members with direct equivalents in the Justice Society of America.

16. Wonder Woman lives in London

As it was one of the most important locations from her origin film, it’s no surprise she stays in the city Steve Trevor first introduced her to. It is also likely that the heist she appears to stop in the beginning of the trailer takes place in London, considering their first victim near the Metal Detector has a British accent.

17. Aquaman can influence the flow of water

Not always in possession of this power, Aquaman’s control over water is showcased when he slows but not stops a wall of water rushing down a hallway with a power emanating from his trident.

18. The Justice League will continue to grow

Batman refers to the fact that there’s “not enough”, when talking about our heroes. While many suspect Superman to return and assume his place in the team, it could also refer to rumored characters like Green Lantern or Shazam.

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