6. D’deridex Class Warbird (Star Trek)

The Romulan Star Empire’s most powerful ships in the 24th century are also unmistakable in their design and color scheme. Big, green, and well bird-like. The D’deridex Class warbird was the main projection of power for the Romulans in the Star Trek universe during the 24th century. With over forty-five decks, a mini black hole as a power source, and a cloaking device, The D’deridex is on its own level.

5. Destiny (Stargate SG1)

It’s big yes, it was made to explore, of course. Those attributes are quite common in the many universes in Science Fiction.What makes this ship stand out for me is its mission, which is to discover the origins of the universe through the study of the microwave background radiation. Over fifty million years old this ship is extremely old when compared to many other well-known ships. The mission behind it combined with its triangular shape its hull is formed into, lands Destiny quite high on the list. Though it’s a relatively newer ship, its purpose, and design moves it away from the pack.

4. The Death Star (Star Wars)

Another vessel that has captured the imagination of popular culture. Considered to be in the top ten of most popular movie weapons according to a 20th-century Fox poll, it continues to influence our culture to this day. Not only is she a planet killer, but The Death Star has the ability, thanks to its powerful hyperdrive systems, to travel many thousands of light years in a day. There is no doubt, that if you were to see this on the horizon your muscles wouldn’t respond and you’d stand there as a living statue in awe of this frightful machine.