6 Long-Lost Marvel Titles To Finally Get Closure In New Series

Nostalgia will be strong this winter with Marvel publications as some long-time cancelled series will be revived to do a final run. This may give fans of long-time cancelled series a sense of closure. This may also allow the characters of each title to get some overdue development that wasn’t afforded to them when their series ended so long ago.

During San Diego Comic-Con , Marvel announced the titles that will accompany the Marvel Legacy series. The six titles announced were Not Brand Ecch, Master of Kung-Fu, Dazzler, Power Pack, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack, and Darkhawk.

Just to give a brief history on some of the titles, Not Brand Ecch ended abruptly in 1969. More recently, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack and Darkhawk ended in the Spring of 1995.

It’ll be interesting for fans who invested in those series to see updated art styles. Perhaps they may also get some closure to the self-contained arcs in each comic. For example, the last issue of Dazzler in 1986 ended with Beast inviting Dazzler to join the X-Factor. Dazzler instead teamed up with the New Mutants in New Mutants #42. This was before getting with the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #210.

As for other titles, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack ended with Sable coming out of retirement to lead the Wild Pack once more. However, she finds that the team is getting by without her leadership. The issue also featured Li’l Silvie protesting the cancellation of the series at Marvel offices. Perhaps with the final issue we may see her choosing between her life as a soldier and her life as a civilian.

Not Brand Ecch served as a parody of sorts for comic book titles. The comic featuring comedic takes on characters from Marvel as well as DC. It was funny to see an updated cover for the title with characters doing a “dab” pose.

Long-time Marvel fans may finally see a proper ending to some of these titles. The comics will run from November to December of this year. Marvel hasn’t announced who will be creating each of the titles, but we can expect details to come out shortly!

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