DC Unveils First Two Jason Fabok Covers For Dark Nights: Metal One Shots

DC Comics unveiled the first two Jason Fabok covers for their upcoming Dark Nights: Metal one shots. The first two covers are Batman: The Red Death #1 and Batman: The Murder Machine #1.

Joining Fabok for Batman: The Red Death #1 is colorist Dean White. Brad Anderson provided colors for Batman: The Murder Machine #1

Take a look:

Batman: The Red Death #1

Cover by Jason Fabok and Dean White

Batman: The Murder Machine #1

Cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson

Batman: The Red Death #1 will be penned by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico while Batman: The Murder Machine #1 features the creative team of Frank Tieri and Ricardo Federici.

There will be five more Dark Nights: Metal one shots. All of them will feature covers by Jason Fabok. The other five one-shots include Batman: The Drowned, Batman: The Merciless, Batman: The Devastator, Batman: The Dawnbreaker, and The Batman Who Laughs.

These Dark Nights: Metal one-shots will pit the Justice League against extremely powerful nightmare versions of themselves. Batman: The Red Death #1 sees an evil version of Batman merged with Speed Force while Batman: The Murder Machine sees him merging with Cyborg technology.

Scott Snyder explained the overarching story behind Dark Nights: Metal:

Can you do a kind of Crisis story that doesn’t depend on the same old stuff and takes us somewhere we’ve never been? New villains, new challenges, new territories to explore? So the story is really simple: the Justice League discovers that there’s a Dark Multiverse, and they also discover that because of something Batman has done, they’re invading right now after thousands of years of waiting — and if they don’t find more Nth Metal, which is one of the rarest things in the universe, to stop it, they are completely screwed.

The first one-shot, Batman: The Red Death #1 hits shelves on September 20 and will be followed by Batman: The Murder Machine #1 on September 27th.

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