New Report Offers Details For Sony’s Upcoming Silver and Black Film Featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable

Sony continues to ramp up their Marvel movie products following the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Peter Parker’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only are they working on a Venom project starring Tom Hardy, but they are also working on a Silver and Black project featuring two of Spider-Man’s antiheroes, Black Cat and Silver Sable.

A new report from That Hashtag Show reveals key character descriptions for both Black Cat and Silver Sable as well as plot details.

**There will be potential spoilers below. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled!**

The report indicates that Silver Sablinova or Silver Sable “is  unquestionably the film’s protagonist.” However, the movie’s plot gets kick started by Felicia Hardy or Black Cat.

If there’s anything general audiences might now about Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, it’s that she’s a master thief and it’s exactly that skill that puts things in motion in the film as Hardy has stolen from the wrong people and now everyone, including Silver Sable, is out to get her.

While Sable will be hunting down Black Cat, she is only doing it in order to seek out vengeance against the film’s main villain, Mendel Stromm. While working as a bounty hunter for the U.S. Department of Justice, Sable hopes to use the bounty on Black Cat to enact her revenge on Stromm. Sable will be leading a team, “which seems to be a nod to her comic book Wild Pack.”

Stromm has history with Silver Sable and her Symkarian people, ruthlessly experimenting on them. Symkaria is a fictional Eastern European country and is the home of Silver Sable and her mercenary team known as the Wild Pack.

Mendell Stromm

In the comics, Stromm is Norman Osborne’s college professor and later a partner in OsCorp Industries who develops the drug who turns Osborn into the Green Goblin. However, Osborn discovers Stromm is embezzling money and has him arrested and thrown in prison. After serving his time, Stromm seeks revenge on Osborn and attempts to murder him using a number of evil robots of his own design. Spider-Man foils the plan, but not before Stromm fakes a heart attack and transfers his brain waves into a robot double.

Stromm won’t be the only villain. He will be joined by Tarantula and Scorpion who join in on the hunt for Black Cat. Interestingly enough it appears Black Cat has received an “enhancement” from Stromm’s experimentations which aid in her thieving. No details on what exactly the enhancement is have been revealed.

Along with the plot details, the report also indicates Sony is seeking two young actresses in “their early to mid-twenties, indicating that they will be more than one-and-done deals.” It’s quite possible whoever is cast as Black Cat and Silver Sable will have recurring roles in future Sony projects, one of those could involve Jessica Drew or Spider-Woman.

Silver and Black will be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. Production is expected to start sometime this fall.

Do you like what you are hearing about the upcoming Silver and Black movie featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable? Who do you think should be cast as Black Cat and Silver Sable?

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