Supernatural Plans Spin-Off Series Wayward Sisters – Pilot To Debut As Supernatural Episode!

Fans of Supernatural have been itching to hear more about the latest attempt at a spin-off from the long standing CW series.

Titled, “Wayward Sisters” this show follows fan favorite Sheriff Jody Mills and a group of women who share one thing. They all have been struck by some sort of supernatural event that has scarred their lives. The pilot for the series will be a regular episode on Supernatural’s upcoming 13th season this fall.


This isn’t the first time the producers of the show have attempted to create a spin-off for Supernatural by launching it as an episode. Some of us remember the 20th episode of Supernatural’s 9th season titled “Bloodlines.”

There, the show was centered on the mafia families who controlled Chicago. Werewolves, Jinn, and other monster factions carved out territory and fought for control of the windy city.

The major sticking point of “Bloodlines” that set it apart from the regular series was how it was a center in one space, one city. It didn’t share the backdrop of a television show that constantly changes places and environments. In Supernatural, Sam and Dean go from one state to another. However, in “Bloodlines” everything was tied to Chicago, and that in itself made the city an important part of the cast.

It doesn’t appear they will be attempting to use that formula for Wayward Sisters. Instead they will stick with their tried and true formula.  We might see the sisters hitting the road and taking on the monster of the week that made Supernatural into the phenomenon it is!

Another change that might assist this potential new series is the fact that fans won’t be introduced to an entirely new ensemble. Wayward Sisters includes recognizable faces from Supernatural. There will be Sheriff Mills, but also joining her on her crusade will be Cass’s vessel’s daughter Claire Novak, Alex Jones the runaway saved by the Winchesters from a den of vampires, and Sheriff Donna Hanscum, a close friend of Sheriff Mills in the series.

Wayward Sisters

With this cast, it seems the creators are hedging their bets this time on familiarity instead of a new set of people. We’re going to have to wait a few months before we learn the fate of the Wayward Sisters, but I’m hoping this spin-off happens!

If they can hold their own against what goes bump in the night, they might have a shot against audiences.

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