We Bet You Can’t Find All The Changes In This Classic Adam West Photo

Batman and Robin are on the case! They are charging head first into danger in order to save Gotham from its vile, evil criminal element.

However, before they can take on the worst of the worst that Gotham has to offer, they need to solve a puzzle and discover all six of the changes from their original photograph.

They need your help! Will you be able to help Batman and Robin find all the differences and save Gotham? Don’t worry if you are having trouble the World’s Greatest Detective can help you out. Just scroll down to see the answers.

Batman and Robin Batman and Robin

Having trouble finding all the differences? Don’t worry the World’s Greatest Detective left us this answer sheet as he raced off to save Gotham!

Batman and Robin

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Share with your friends and family and see if they can spot all the differences!

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