AMC’s mega-popular series The Walking Dead returns for its 8th season on October 22, and when it does it will join the 100-episode club.

In fact, the first episode of the season will be episode No. 100, so of course it’s going to be epic. In anticipation of the milestone, AMC released a 4-minute video recapping the first 99 episodes. Watch below:

Holy nostalgia. Sometimes it’s easy to forget everything Rick’s group has gone through and how far this show has come. AMC’s recap video is a nice reminder of what made fans fall in love with this show in the first place. It also sets the tone for the all-out war to come between Rick’s group, Hilltop, the Kingdom, the Saviors, and the Scavengers.

But while 100 episodes is certainly something to celebrate, writer and producer Scott Gimple says The Walking Dead could go on for far longer:

The way we plan ahead is to live in abject terror and anxiety. It isn’t about necessarily planning the 100th episode, it is sort of about planning the next 100 episodes. In a lot of ways, we’ve planned out this show into many seasons from now. The comic book affords us that and then the inspiration we get from the comic and things we want to see more of.

What I’m hoping for the season premiere to be next year is the kick off of the next 100 episodes. The promise of more story and another future. Every eight episodes we try to reinvent ourselves and we’re gonna try and do it again.

Bring on October 22!

Are you excited for season 8 of The Walking Dead? What are you anticipating will happen in episode 100? Share your thoughts below! 

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