I Bet You Can’t Find All The Differences In This Avengers Poster Featuring Black Widow!

Black Widow is ready to protect New York from threats both internal and external!

However, there appears to be a cosmic cube at play altering her reality! She needs your help to find all the changes in her reality and get her back in the fight with the Avengers. New York, the United States of America, and the world are counting on you to fix the changes to reality and get Black Widow back in the fight!

Can you find all six differences in the two images below? Time is running short and Black Widow, the Avengers, and the world need your help to save her! Will you be able to help save the world or will it fall into chaos?

Find the six differences and save reality and Black Widow!

Can’t find them all? You have failed the world and Black Widow. Fortunately, Nick Fury was able to restore reality and found the answers for you. Take a look.

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Share with your friends and family and see if they can find all the differences and save reality!

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