Bethesda Softworks, the creators of Skyrim, may be working on a Game of Thrones video game!

Game of Thrones 2

After the Season 7 finale, Game of Thrones addicts might need something to fill the void. That might be filled with an upcoming Game of Thrones video game from Bethesda. Bethesda is known for The Elder Scrolls. the latest of which is Skyrim. However, the Maryland-based company has also given us Fall Out, Wolfenstein, and Doom.

Tech Raptor points out there is a leaked listing on the Target website for Bethesda: Game of Thrones. There was no other information to give any hint or details related to the game.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Elder Scrolls games or Skyrim itself, it’s a huge immersive world of magic, creatures, and myth. Themes heavily used by Game of Thrones as well.


It’s quite possible Bethesda is working on a Game of Thrones game. Since last year, Bethesda has had two unnamed projects in development. Bethesda’s veteran developer Todd Howard described the two projects as “bigger than anything we’ve done.”

If the leaks hold water, then a Game of Thrones roleplaying game (RPG) game would fit the bill. Game of Thrones has a huge international following, and if even just a fraction were to play a RPG, the game would become a huge success.

A video game could also include details and story arcs left out of HBO’s television series. It could allow for an even more in-depth story experience than the hit HBO show. Some of the areas they could explore are the undead Lady Stark and House Martell’s different attempts at the throne.

A video game from Bethesda would also allow the franchise to dip into the lucrative video game market. As of now there are very few Game of Thrones videos although Telltale Games did produce an episodic adventure back in 2014 and they are developing a second season.

Would you play a Game of Thrones inspired RPG from the makers of Skyrim? If so, would you prefer console or PC?