Vanessa Marshall, who voices Hera Syndulla on Star Wars Rebels, expressed her interest in seeing Hera make the jump from the animated show onto the big screen.

If you haven’t been watching Star Wars Rebels, you’ve been missing out. Hera Syndulla leads the crew of the Ghost during the fledgling moments of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire. She even works her way up to command Phoenix Squadron and there is a little bit of an Easter egg in Rogue One that confirms she takes part in the Battle of Scarif.

Marshall shared her initial reaction to finding out Hera survives and participates in the Battle of Scarif in an interview with CBM:

Fantastic, I almost started crying. I had to remember I was in a public place and had to contain myself. I thought I was losing my mind and started asking, ‘Did that really just happen?’ I went to see it a million times and every time, I was just blown away. It’s good to know that she still exists at that point, so that’s a good thing, but also being such a huge fan of every Star Wars film that’s been released, having a character I’ve played in an animated series be mentioned…it was really rewarding.

Marshall then went on to express how she wants to see Hera’s story continue on the big screen and even mentioned Saw Gerrera as a reference point. Gerrera is the only Star Wars animated character to make the jump to live action.

 Of course! Who knows, if she can serve the narrative, it would be awesome. It would be great to see her on film and it was incredible to see Saw Gerrera come to life. I loved Saw in the Alderaan arcs in The Clone Wars and was so thrilled they took a character from the animated series and transitioned him into live-action to play such a pivotal role. If they did that with Hera, that would be magnificent but it’s all about what serves the narrative and not necessarily just let’s give Hera a cameo. I bow down to the overall journey at hand and I really can’t wait for the movie to come out in December and I’m so excited. That’s really what’s keeping me going [Laughs].

Her story seems ripe for a big film adaption in the ever growing Star Wars cinematic universe. It’s quite possible her character may be brought into a live-action role. We’ve already heard of Obi-Wan getting his own standalone film, along with Boba Fett, and Jabba the Hut. A Hera-inspired movie could be a great way to explore even more of the aspects of the Rebel Alliance that have yet to make it to the big screen.

It would be really interesting to flip the script on Rogue One and show us a Rebellion story after the events of the Battle of Endor with the Ghost Crew. Or we could see them take on a daring mission somewhere between the events of A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars Rebels

As for her current role, Star Wars Rebels Season 4 will be the end of the popular animated show. It is expected to debut on Disney XD sometime this Fall. However, you can catch up with Star Wars Rebels by picking up the Season 3 DVD and Blu-ray which is on sale Tuesday, August, 29, 2017.

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