Deadpool Shows Up In Houston To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims!

A man dressed up as Deadpool spoke to Houston’s local television station KHOU 11 News on why he’s doing everything he can to help those affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area.

The man dressed as Deadpool who is also an Iraq war veteran informed the reporter:

We’ve been helping out all day on the water. Yesterday, I was pulling looting, security detail at the local Wal-Mart near my place. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee contact me saying she needed to get some food from one side of Houston to the other pretty quickly. I got on it. Got my people together and made it happen.

He then told him he delivered “about 1,000 servings of food from a restaurant that [Sheila Jackson Lee] had already lined out.”

He then tried to describe just how heartbreaking and tragic the situation is in Houston right now.

“It’s pretty devastating. I’m from Louisiana. Grew up there so hurricanes are no strange news to me. I moved here in 2000 and we got hit with Ike. I’ve seen just a little bit, but this time was the worse.”

He went on to say how people are coming together to help each other out, “Everybody hopefully is helping out as much as they can. Helping each other. That’s what’s all about.”

Deadpool then described what it means to help the people of Houston who are suffering, “It means the world. When I was deployed overseas in Iraq just getting a meal that was hot at least once a day was a blessing.”


It’s fantastic to see people channeling these amazing superheroes that we read in our comics and see in the movies and on television into real life action.

The tragedy in Houston is absolutely devastating and the people need all the help there that they can get. Fortunately, the comic book community is doing their best to help those in the Houston area. Arrow’s Stephen Amell set up a fundraising campaign. Batman’s Scott Snyder donated his earnings from Dark Nights: Metal #2 and Donny Cates designed a t-shirt where all proceeds will go to help those in the Houston area!

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