Spider-Man Brings Cheer To Suffering Hurricane Harvey Victims

As many of you know, Houston is currently experiencing the effects of a powerful Hurricane. Thankfully the nation has come together and chipped in to help those affected. Even within the comic book and entertainment world, we’ve seen people step up to the plate to do their parts. From Arrow’s Stephen Amell to Redneck writer Donny Cates, all have taken the time to do what they can.

Now even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has made his way from New York City to pay some children a much-needed visit. Spider-Man made his way to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston to raise some spirits. The center has already received more than 9000 hurricane evacuees. It’s extremely important to see something like this happen not only for the children, but also for the adults.

The aftermath of these devastating storms can be extremely tragic. When you’re left with a ruined home, apartment, or nothing at all, seeing someone go out of their way to show the best of what makes us human helps to put much of that into perspective.

It’s touching to see how one man’s act brought smiles to the face of those going through a fierce natural disaster. About 51 inches of water has already fallen and even more are expected to fall in the coming days. Keeping people’s spirits up is critical as efforts to curve further fatalities are under way.

Not all of us can dress up as Spider-Man, but we can help if we’re able to. There are a number of organizations that are doing great work to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The New York Times compiled an excellent list to help you decide which ones are trustworthy.

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