The new Honest Trailers for Kong: Skull Island may be their best honest trailer yet. They even get Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to pen his own Honest Trailer and he absolutely DESTROYS his own movie!

Vogt-Roberts absolutely demolishes his entire opening act as just bringing a bunch of human characters together. To make matters even worse, he goes on to point out that most of his characters were completely unnecessary. In fact, he even points out that John Goodman’s character was so worthless he killed him because all he did was spout exposition! But he doesn’t stop there, he goes on to explain how he wasted top Hollywood talent without even giving them character arcs.

However, when he got to the part about the number of helicopters in the movie. Vogt-Roberts wasn’t having any of it. He makes it explicitly clear he checked and double checked the number of helicopters and emphasized why he included a ton of them. Mainly because who doesn’t want to see King Kong grab a helicopter and use it as a baseball bat to smash another one!

Watch for yourself. It’s comedy GOLD!

Kong: Skull Island made $168 million in domestic theaters, but would make $398.6 million abroad. It opened up #1 with an opening weekend of $61 million. It stayed in theaters for 14 weeks. It currently sits as the #13 top grossing domestic film for 2017.

Kong will return in Godzilla vs. Kong on March 22, 2019.

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