Thor: Ragnarok dropped their latest TV spot during Thursday Night Football last night and gave us a better look at Thor’s team called “The Revengers” and the Lord of Muspelheim and the King of the Fire Giants, Surtur! However, Thor isn’t sold on the team name when Valkyrie grills him about it.

The TV spot opens up at Grandmaster’s coliseum with Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster giving us a voice over, “Ladies and Gentleman! This is what you’ve come for. It’s Main Event Time!”

We then get clips of Loki, Thor, Valkyrie, and Hulk all in striking and ferocious poses. From there we see a number of shots from previous trailers like Thor and Loki teaming up with their big guns, Hulk fighting the Fenris Wolf, and Valkyrie descending to attack Hela.

We then see Thor taking on Surtur, but instead of his new look, he still has his beard and long flowing hair.

Take a look:

Thor: Ragnarok comes to theaters on November 3, 2017!