Major Character to Return for Season 13 of Supernatural!

It seems the latest season of Supernatural is going to come in like a lion!

It was only a few weeks ago we found out that the Winchester brothers were going to have their show crossover with Scooby Doo. Not so far-fetched since the brothers have done a lot of fourth-wall breaking in previous seasons.

For example, the episode The French Mistake saw the brothers come into a universe which, well saw them playing their real life selves. One of my personal favorite episodes, “Changing Channels,” had Sam and Dean stuck in a world of television show parodies.

As you can see, Season 13 will come in strong. And the latest news will have it coming in even stronger as we will see an old character make a huge return.

*Season Twelve Spoilers*

At the end of Season 12, we saw the gang thrown into an alternate reality by Lucifer’s son. That’s one hell of a shock, but not the only one the brothers will face. In this world, they will come face to face with the Archangel Michael. The very same Archangel who was left in the prison along side Lucifer. He is now alive and kicking but in an alternate reality.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Andrew Dabb gives us some insight on what we can expect from this version of Michael.

The Michael of apocalypse world is the victor. He’s a very different character than the one we met even in season 5. He’s Genghis Khan. He’s been through the wars. He’s conquered the world.

Dabb also revealed some grave information, Michael’s world and Sam and Dean’s will collide. They better hope Michael doesn’t plan on conquering it!

Take a look at Christian Keyes who is taking up the mantle of Michael this season.

Supernatural Michael

Are you excited to see Archangel Michael make his return? Do you think the brothers will be able to work with this version or the angel, or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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