Captain Kirk marooned Khan Noonien Singh and his augments on Ceti Alpha V in the Star Trek: TOS episode “Space Seed.” Khan and his augments wouldn’t reappear until Wrath of Khan. We didn’t really know anything about what happened in between those two appearances and we still don’t. 

Star Trek TOS Space Seed

However, it seems if director Nicholas Meyer has his way, that will soon change. With the anticipated release of Star Trek Discovery, a lot of rumors are flying around. One of those is the Star Trek Discovery Universe will include a variety of spin-offs. It was reported in August that some of the producers were already looking into possible spin-offs. Not much was known after that.

According to the Geek Exchange, Nicholas Meyer,  one of the writers for Star Trek: Discovery and director of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, is working to develop a limited series for television. The series is looking to fill in the gap between when Khan and his followers were dropped off by Kirk, and when they hijacked the U.S.S. Reliant in the Wrath of Khan. That means there is fifteen years worth of time he could explore.

We know that Ceti Alpha VI exploded. The explosion cause Ceti Alpha V to experience massive climate change. The planet went from a habitable paradise of sorts to a giant desert nightmare within a short window of time. Thanks to the genetic manipulation of Khan and his followers, they were able to survive. However, they did take losses. Out of all of his followers, only twelve survived. His own wife perished in the years leading up to the events of Wrath of Khan.

As of right now, no real tangible details have been released to the public. We’re unsure even if this project will move forward, but it seems CBS is at least confident enough in Star Trek: Discovery to begin looking into possible spin-offs.

What do you think? Would you like to see a spin off detailing the fifteen years between “Space Seed and Wrath of Khan? Or is there another story line left unexplored that can be examined?

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