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Star Trek: The Next Generation star Johnathan Franks attended the Continuing Voyage convention tour in Chicago. There, he was spoke to fans on the panel and revealed a pretty big spoiler.

Johnathan Franks played Commander Will Riker, everyone’s go to first officer and a fan favorite. Franks took on the role of Riker for seven seasons as well as four films, and a few cameos on other Star Trek series. In Star Trek: Discovery, Franks will be behind the camera in one of the episodes this season.

Franks revealed some of his behind the camera knowledge when he let slip at least one episode of Star Trek: Discovery would involve The Mirror Universe according to audience members at the Continuing Voyage convention as well as The Star Trek band, Five Year Mission, who were performing at the convention, also confirmed Franks, spoiler about The Mirror Universe.

This is pretty big news! The Mirror Universe story arcs have always been a favorite of mine, no matter which series has utilized it. Personally, “In A Mirror, Darkly Parts 1 & 2” from Enterprise is my pick as the top Mirror Universe episode. Who can say no to Empress Sato?

As mentioned above, Johnathan Franks will be directing one of the episodes of Discovery this season, but it’s unclear if he will direct The Mirror Universe episode.  Thanks to some earlier revelations dealing with the Klingons, it’s very clear that the showrunners are looking to hit the ground running with Star Trek: Discovery. With a successful show, it will be even more likely that future spin-offs will be made.

With only a week away from its premiere Star Trek: Discovery is getting some much-needed hype.  Star Trek: Discovery makes its anticipated debut this Sunday on CBS in the USA. Then it will move to CBS All Access for the rest of the season. For our Canadian readers and Trekkies, you can watch Star Trek: Discovery on CTV and Space. In the rest of the world, Netflix will stream Discovery, however it’s no announcement has been made when it will go live on the platform.

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